Artist’s Statement



I am interested in the impermanence of life, including the mortality of humanity, and the fleeting nature of happy versus tragic experiences.  I am inspired by life lessons offered by the natural world, particularly regarding the cycle of decay and regrowth, and I examine whether people take from nature a message of hope or a sense of tragedy.  I often repurpose old materials and incorporate them into my newly created works to convey the repetitive nature of the cycle (and re-cycling) of life and related emotional experiences.  Overall, my work exposes viewers to a spectrum, ranging from bright revelations to dark introspection.

“You will discover that Wendy has affinity with certain subjects, ideas, and art forms.  As you experience her work over time and in different venues you may discover some of those elements as they transform and migrate from idea to form.  It is art that’s in transition and on the move.”